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Installing New Ductless HVAC Systems

If you are looking to update your home’s heating and cooling system to a more customizable, energy efficient system, then Ductless HVAC Systems from R & D Heating and Air are for you and your family. These systems are a great addition to any home system that was previously using window units or traditional heating and cooling units as their air conditioning solution.

Installation is a breeze for R & D Heating and Air professionals. Placing them high on the wall in the desired room ensures that they will not be blocked by furniture and that the air they push out is not being blocked.

split air conditioner roy utah

Choosing the Right System

Ductless HVAC systems are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Sometimes referred to as mini-splits, they are a great money saving, energy efficient option for any home. Especially if you have larger homes with rooms that you don’t need to heat or cool all the time. Call us today to get this new system professionally installed. Installing yourself can be dangerous and may void the warranty on the actual units.

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Benefits of Installing Ductless HVAC Systems

Systems that require ducts are traditionally losing a good portion of the energy used to pump hot and cold air throughout your home. By simply removing the ducts from your current system and letting R & D Heating and Air install these mini-split ductless systems you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Personalize the temperature of your rooms
  • Control temperature levels with ease
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Lowers carbon footprint
  • Get rid of the noise

Get Professional Help Installing Your New Ductless System

Cooling and heating your home can be difficult to control with systems that use ducts because of holes in the system, covering vents with your furniture or not enough power to push the appropriate amount to keep you and your family comfy. Call R & D Heating and Air to help install your new mini-split system to help keep your family happy and comfy today! We offer free estimates on installation and will beat any written estimates from other licensed and fully insured companies.

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