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Easy Fix for the Home: Thermostat Repairs

Getting thermostat repairs can be the easiest and quickest fix for any issues with your heating and cooling system in the home. Sometimes these fixes can be as easy replacing the batteries in your electronic thermostat, but if you have any issues you should call us at R & D Heating and Air to get the job done. We can help adjust, repair or figure out if you need to have the thermostat replaced.

ac remote controller

Signs You Need Your Thermostat Serviced

During the winter or summer months, a broken thermostat can lead to some uncomfortable days and nights for you and your family. Make sure that you can notice the signs that it needs help to protect you from much larger problems. R & D Heating and Air can help get it serviced or replaced. Here are some signs that your thermostat will let you know it needs some attention:

  • Heater or air conditioner refuses to start
  • Air conditioner runs constantly or won’t turn off
  • Changing the batteries didn’t help
  • The thermostat has no power or is unresponsive
man adjusting ac temperature

Upgrade Your Thermostat

There has been a new trend in modern households to update old or outdated thermostats to new digital ones that can be programmed for better temperature control. These replacements are easy for our well-trained professionals. R & D Heating and Air has made sure that they are equipped with knowledge on the most up-to-date systems and can bring your home into the modern age. Here are some added benefits to call R & D Heating and Air for updating your thermostat system:

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Programmable temperature settings
  • Detailed information about your HVAC system

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Adding these benefits to your home, wallet and comfort is as simple as calling R & D Heating and Air today!

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