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From heating and air conditioning repair to ensuring your refrigerator is working properly, R & D Heating & Air is your number one source for efficient, friendly, and affordable service in Weber County, UT. We utilize over 20 years of experience to bring you a brand-new company based on treating customers fairly and providing top-tier service. Ensuring your home is comfortable at any temperature and keeping your appliances working properly are our main priorities, and we look forward to serving you today.

Furnace and heating services

Keeping your home warm and toasty during the winter is key. When your furnace stops working, it can make a winter night frigid and unbearable. R & D Heating & Air can be at your property in Weber County as soon as possible, helping to diagnose the problem and ensure your furnace remains in good condition. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance services as well.

Air conditioning services

Our top-tier HVAC services can help with air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs. Whether you are upgrading from an older system or need improvements to your existing HVAC unit, we can help. We have years of experience and provide efficient and affordable results, so your home or office is comfortable during the summer.

Indoor air-quality services

We can help provide your home with air purifiers, humidifiers, and other tools to make the air inside your home more breathable. It’s a common misconception that the air inside your home is always clean. Depending on the last time your ducts and air filters were changed, you might be breathing in more polluted air than the outdoors!

Thermostat services

Our thermostat services in Weber County help ensure your thermostat is functioning properly and regulating the temperature inside your home. Nothing is worse than setting your thermostat before bed only to wake up hours later with the house being too hot or cold. When your thermostat starts to break down, it can be a real hassle. We can help upgrade your entire home to a new smart thermostat system!

Ductless HVAC systems

If you are ready to replace your old air conditioning and heating system with the next generation of HVAC systems, consider partnering with the Weber County experts at R & D Heating & Air. These systems are energy-efficient and will save you money, all while providing your home with top-tier air conditioning. The ease and power of ductless systems are unmatched.

Refrigeration services

Don’t let a broken refrigerator lead to spoiled food. If your fridge isn’t staying cold or you’re noticing a buildup of condensation on your unit, call us today. We can service any brand and can be at your property as soon as possible to begin repairs.

Appliance repair

From dishwashers to washing machines, R & D Heating & Air is your appliance repair expert in Weber County! Keep your appliances running like new with our maintenance packages.

Contact the HVAC professionals in Weber County today.